Features of Link Model Concept

* Village Development Committee (VDC) comprising community people will sit together once in a month and discuss about their needs, problems and development issues;

* VDC representatives will attend the Union Coordination Committee (UCC) meeting to raise their demands and problems. Union level extension workers of NBDs will also attend the UCC meeting and place their supports and services;

* UP elected members will also attend the UCC meeting to be presided over by UP Chairman where service delivery plans of UP & NBDs will be made based upon the needs & problems of the community people.

* Union Parishad will be used as a center of all development activities;

* Development activities will be implemented with joint financing by government (70%), Local Government Institutions (LGIs) (10%) and community people (20%);

* Household taxes will be collected from the community people as precondition of implementing any dev. scheme. The tax money will be deposited in the UP bank account;